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16 May 2014


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NIKKI is world-widely  known  as durable and reliable fire pump because of the following reasons:

1. Nikki is double stage pump. therefore it works more  efficient  and more durable.

2. With its simple construction, Nikki not only can be operated considerably easy but also cheaper in maintenance.

3. The suction ability is highe  and stronger because of supported by bigger and higher  priming capacity.

4. Vacuum condition reachable in 5 second is far exceed most the pumps staying in 17 - 20 second fulfillment.

5. By exploiting the newest technology,  Nikki have left the worn out technology of priming pump with oil  which  is  risky in operation beacuse of  lack of oil  beside such a pump  is not environmental friendlier. With technology oil-less priming by using self l
ubricated material cause  the Nikki  priming  pump  safer  and easier
to be used in a fire disaster operation.

6. Nikki made of bronze that makes it high resistance  of  friction compared to any other products made by aluminum or cast iron.

spesifikasi matraSpesifikasi NIHON KIKAI FIRE PUMP (NIKKI)
matra NO matra SPESIFIKASI matra
  1   Model   R-3, V-3000, J-2, V-6000  
  2   Type   Centrifugal turbine type  
  3   Discharge Capacity(US. Gal)/min   2850(750), 3200(845), 3800(1000), 6000(1500)  
  4   Max. Discharge Pressure kg/cm2 (150PSI)/ 10 bar   20(284), 20(284), 22(312), 22(312)  
  5   Suction inlet diameter mm(inch)   100(4), 100(4), 100(4), 100(4)  
  6   Suction head m(feet)   1(3.3), 1(3.3), 1(3.3), 1(3.3)  
  7   Type of vacuum pump   Eccentric Rotary 4 vane type  
  8   Degree of vacuum   660 mm Hg (15 in Hg) within 30 seconds  
  9   Material   Bronze  
  10   Pump Body   Bronze  
  11   Shaft   stainless steel  
  12   Vacuum/priming pump body   Bronze  
  Matra Rescue Vehicle  

When   fire, earthquake or other disasters happen, a reliable special rescue vehicle is absolutely needed. This kind of vehicle not o ...

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